Mark Dolan Scholarship

Mark Dolan, The Sailor and Volunteer 
To say that Mark Dolan was just a sailor is the biggest understatement that could be made.  He, more than anyone, absolutely loved, lived and breathed sailing.  He began at a very young age and was infected from the very first moment.  His best friendships were forged at sea and maintained ashore. He sailed whenever and wherever he could, his passion constantly affirmed.  When he saw a boat that looked fast, unique, interesting, or even one that might not float, nothing could prevent him from sweet talking a ride out of the owner. If he wanted to sail, he made the opportunity and was ever so grateful.  It only made sense that he would create similar opportunities for his family.  As soon as he could, he signed both of his kids up for sailing lessons with Traverse Area Community Sailing (TACS), where years would be spent volunteering for the learn to sail programs, repairing boats, and taking on whatever task nobody else wanted; always with a smile and full heart.  He followed his daughter Kai through her high school career and continued to serve selflessly.  He cherished his moments with the Traverse City Area High School Sailing teams and will be forever missed.  TACS is thankful for the time he spent fixing dry suits, helping new sailors learn the ropes, chatting strategy & technique with the more advanced, and simply talking about sailing. He was always happy to haul gear and was adamant about making sailing accessible and integral in the lives of our local athletes.  Sailing is a lifestyle, one that Mark lived blessedly.


TACS would like to honor Mark by offering a scholarship to a graduating senior at the end of each season (fall and spring) in his name.  This sailor would represent Mark’s spirit and love of sailing in the truest sense. Each season a senior will be awarded a $500 scholarship.  

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